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Community Report Impact

Over 200 community service providers responded to a brief online survey conducted during November 2017 by The John R. Oishei Foundation’s Mobile Safety-Net Team. The survey collected information on how providers used the 12 community reports produced by the Foundation’s Mobile Safety-Net Team, in collaboration with UBRI, between 2012 and 2014. It also sought feedback on ways these reports might be more useful.

Close to 60% of survey takers said they are a member of a Mobile Safety-Net Team community coalition focused on strategies and solutions.

71% have used a report or referred to one in the past 12 months.

Community reports were used by service providers and coalitions in a variety of ways. The large majority (84%) reported using community assessments for data and information. Nearly the same percentage (79%) said they use the reports for awareness and understanding of community strengths, assets, gaps and challenges.

Nearly half (43%) have used a report for collaboration and partnership building.

About a third have used a report for grant writing and fundraising (35%) and advocacy (30%).

Approximately a quarter have used reports to support new program development (29%), coalition priority setting (25%) and priority setting for their agency (22%).

“As a social worker I have repeatedly and OFTEN shared this data with colleagues and community members. It is one thing to believe one sees a trend or a service gap, the Mobile Safety Net Team gave us solid evidence that we were on the right track and truly helped (a) decide on our priorities, (b) develop programming.”

“These reports are well researched and help us a great deal as we find ways to assist our residents.”