Our Work


Coalition Name:

Lackawanna Stakeholders Coalition


“To establish partnerships between businesses, nonprofits, and municipal entities in the Lackawanna community to advocate for, develop, and make accessible programs and services for youth, seniors, families and all residents.”

Focus Area(s):

Service Access

Current Work:

The Mobile Safety-Net Team is working with the Lackawanna Stakeholders Coalition on sustaining the Lackawanna Stakeholders Coalition Community Resource Hub and making improvements reflected in the first year of operation. The Community Resource Hub serves to provide residents in the Lackawanna area with regular, and consistent access to services. Services available at the Hub includes legal services, health insurance and health care, education and employment services, housing and utility assistance, food assistance, youth services, and senior services. The Coalition also hosts “Family Night Out” events twice annually to connect more services to more residents and build to community atmosphere in Lackawanna.

Contact Info:

For more information contact Natalie Cook, Community Impact Coordinator, ncook@msntwny.org or (716) 830-5636.

For more information about the Lackawanna Stakeholders Coalition Community Resource Hub please use the following resources:
Facebook: @LackawannaNYCoalition
Email: LackawannaNYCoalition@gmail.com
Phone: (716) 710-9098