Our Work


Coalition Name:

Rural Niagara Community Coalition

Mission Statement:

The Rural Niagara Community Coalition will work to increase access to existing support programs related to substance abuse prevention, mental wellness, and community revitalization to assist residents of Rural Niagara County.

Coalition Values:

Honesty, Empowerment, Concept that “all have value”, Community, Teamwork, Acceptance, and Collaboration.

Focus Area(s):

Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Service Access

Current Work:

The Rural Niagara Community Coalition has partnered with the Western New York Prevention Resource Center to implement the Prevention Needs Assessment Survey in rural Niagara school districts. The survey will provide the coalition and the school districts with youth and community specific data to inform and implement regional community based projects and initiatives. This work is supported by a Western New York Community Action Partnership grant.

Contact Info:

For more information contact Greer Hamilton, Community Impact Coordinator, ghamilton@msntwny.org or (716) 830-7968.