Our Work


Coalition Name:

Springville Regional Services Coalition

Focus Area(s):

Service Coordination, Substance Abuse, Food Access and Transportation


The Springville Regional Service Coalition unites human resource providers, public service organizations and individuals to improve the quality of life for the greater Springville community by facilitating cooperation, collaboration, communication and creation of initiatives.

Current Work:

The Springville Regional Service Coalition spent much of 2017 focused on the substance abuse issue in the region and its impact at a local level. The group successfully coordinated 3 Narcan Trainings, held a focus group with recovering addicts and secured funding to administer and analyse substance abuse surveys in the middle and high schools.

Currently, the group is looking to convene organizations that offer recreation programs in the area to better assess their needs, identify gaps in programing and coordinate efforts to ensure all resident needs are being met.

Contact Info:

For more information contact Annie Todd, Community Impact Coordinator, atodd@msntwny.org or (716) 553-7803.